Executive Search & Placement

Find the Right Person Every Time

The job of looking for the right candidate requires a teams’ undivided attention. At 9Advisory, we have a dedicated executive search arm (A.S.K Sdn. Bhd) to ensure the crucial task of searching for candidates is given the time, energy and expertise it truly deserves.

A.S.K Sdn. Bhd. chooses to represent talent who are ambitious, skilled and knowledgeable.

With a growing database, A.S.K Sdn. Bhd specializes in mid-level and senior management roles from multinationals, conglomerates, government linked and private companies in Malaysia.

Our team has a reputable niche in serving selected industries such as technology, human resources, finance, property, construction, logistics and supply chain to name a few. This niche provides our team the essential insight into understanding roles in more detail in order to find the best candidates.

A.S.K Sdn. Bhd. will combine a thorough set of methodologies, databases and networks to consistently serve clients with top candidates. Clients can look to service all their placement needs, whether short term or permanent throughout a large range of industries and be assured with quality placements with 9Advisory.

For mid or senior roles through our Executive Search service, our teams will act in a manner that is quick, catered to the right audiences and include our searches within a pool of passive talent. We find some of the best talent aren’t necessarily those who are actively looking, so we go that extra mile is bringing you a diverse pool to select from.

Our Services:

  • Upper Management Hiring
  • Middle Management Hiring
  • Project Based Hiring

A.S.K Sdn. Bhd.

Ambitious. Skilled. Knowledgeable. Talent You Can Trust.