HR Consulting

A Fundamental Building Block

9Advisory can help you with this crucial foundation block. Our consultants are ready to dive into your company’s current organization structure to seize growth opportunities, optimize the decision-making hierarchy, foster collaborations and highlight better accountability of responsibilities.

Sometimes it starts with something as easily overlooked as the employee handbook. 9Advisory can update this crucial document with policies and practices that work for your company. Our consultants are also able to draft key policies and procedures in line with the legal compliance set by the Malaysian Employment Act. The content of the handbook can also be detailed to include general terms of employment, leave policy, benefits and etc in a manner that is clear, concise and easy to understand.

Another important building block is succession planning. Many companies do not take the time and energy to map the career routes of their successors or top performers. 9Advisory can focus on identifying successors, realizing strengths and understanding blind spots, implementing steps to nurture a culture of grooming talent and creating opportunities for employees to showcase their leadership qualities. 9Advisory can also take an in-depth look into talent retention practices for your company to minimize loss to competition.

9Advisory recommends an in depth look into your current HR practices. A comprehensive audit will show the broken links and the areas for opportunities. 9Advisory will nurture the team from this building block and work towards creating a culture of productivity and high-quality output. 9Advisory can see this adoption through from start to implementation to reporting its effectiveness.

9Advisory can also vet and draft all your employment contracts to ensure it is compliant and reflecting clauses that are progressive and sustainable.

Our Services:

  • Organizational Design
  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Review and implement IR polices
  • Review and implement Human Resource policies and procedures
  • Succession Planning
  • Harrison Assessments