IT Consulting & Advisory

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With the new normal, technology plays a more important role in ensuring your business runs smoothly. It’s no different for the recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. Sputnik Global Consulting can be that external provider and act as an extension of your HR team to provide a wide range of comprehensive solutions. We offer various RPO models such as Leveraged Vendor Model (LEVO) working in tandem with in house recruiters, Vendor of Premises (VOP), Master Services Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS).

Our team can also handle all Payroll and HR outsourcing services (POS). These services can be customized based on your company’s needs.
Our services:

  • Leveraged Vendor Model (LEVO)
  • Vendor of Premises (VOP)
  • Master Services Provider (MSP)
  • Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • E-Pay Slip
  • E-Reports
  • E-Leave Management
  • E-Overtime Management
  • Secured Data Transfer
  • Expat Service
    • Business Visa & Work Permit
    • Tax Registration
    • Logistics
    • Monthly Payroll
    • Tax Declaration
    • Annual Tax Finalization
    • End of Assignment Tax Finalization
  • Payroll Services
    • Labour Contracts
    • Payroll Process & Calculation
    • Insurance Reports Check
    • Internal Labour Rule (ILR)
    • Payments of Salary & Policies
    • Personal Income Tax Reports

Sputnik Global Consulting also provides System Integration services, herein we have empowering solutions built on deep domain expertise to bring that competitive edge to Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) domain and related industries through over 25 years of experience. Our Construction Management System positively impacts critical business factors and the sustainability of your practices.

With Sputnik Global Consulting’s niche in selected industries, we have also acquired some of the best enterprise solutions for hospitals and clinics. This automated solution can process appointments, EMR, diagnosis, laboratory testing, radiology imaging and operations. This one stop digital system has HIPAA compliance and covers patient care, hospital staff and facilities. Ask our team about our Hospital Management System and Digital Experience Medical management portal today.

Sputnik Global Consulting has expertise in optimizing IT solutions for infrastructure, government, real estate and construction companies to name a few.

Our teams know how to leverage the best software products and solutions to augment and enhance the sustainability of your current HR practices, bringing efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.