Legal & Risk Advisory

Mitigating Risks for Peace of Mind

Court battles are not what you want to get entangled with when your undivided attention is required to run your business and yet legal exposure affects every company. 9Advisory will conduct a complete analysis of your company’s risk profile.


This will provide our team with the essential knowledge to reveal trends and opportunities as well as minimize the risk of legal battles. 9Advisory’s analysis includes methods of prevention, containment and resolution to obtain optimum results.

The Legal Risk Assessment is curated for your circumstances, needs and priorities. 9Advisory will also go the extra mile in analyzing trend information on trial and appellate court judgements and arguments advanced by litigants, giving us an edge on the evolutionary process set by the law and courts.

9Advisory offers preventive legal analysis; which helps your company through its legal relations process, pending legal analysis; which dives into pending legal matters and consultation through an appointed solicitor as well as actual legal review; which is a detailed examination of your company’s position surrounding private lawsuits for and against. Our team will help you navigate the legal process and find your company the best solution for every situation.

Our Services:

  • Actual Legal Review
  • Preventative Legal Assessment
  • Pending Legal Analysis